Monday, June 19, 2006

Apples and Oranges

In case you missed this, which unless you live in Parker, CO and read the Parker Chronicle you probably did, Pat Nagorka thinks that the assassinations of Zarqawi and JFK were equivalent:

"The killing of al-Zarqawi is certainly news, but is the news good or bad? Judging from the past, this just means there will be a new leader to take his place, the violence will not stop, in fact will probably increase for a while at least, and nothing will change.

It reminds me of the assignation of President John F Kennedy. It was tragic, the nation mourned, but the country went on. It was a temporary disruption not to be forgotten, but it didn't bring down the country. This will be the same with al-Zarqawi dead - it will not change the backers of the al-Qaida movement."

This is a great example of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Nagorka's BDS is so severe that she is willing to put the death of an American president (and hero of the Democrat party) on par with the death of a terrorist in order to downplay a victory for the Bush Administration.

Of course the country moved on when JFK died. That's what living in a stable democracy with elected officials will produce: A clear succession plan to preserve the republic in the event of such a loss.

A leader of a terrorist organization that isn't even native to the country in which it is fighting is not nearly the same.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!

I got in my car to go to work this morning and heard the news:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Killed in Bombing Raid

What a great day! I remember the Sunday morning when they announced the capture of Saddam. I'll remember this day, too. Soon, I hope we'll have another day to remember when we get Osama.

Here's a great roundup of blog posts at PajamasMedia.

Also, at FreeRepublic, there is a thread to caption the picture of Hell's newest resident. Some of my favorites so far:

Why do all these virgins look like Helen Thomas and Hillary Clinton?

Do you guys hear something?

Hello Adolph. Would you like to pitch or catch?

Uday! Qusay! What are you guys doing here? Wait a second...

Adolph, when do I bend over to pick up the soap?

Abu Musab this is Satan. Satan this Abu Musab. You two have fun now...